Manager, Product Costing and Engineering 精益工程經理(服裝) 薪資面議
佛山 5-10年 本科
年終獎金 帶薪年假 團隊聚餐 子女福利 節日禮物
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  • 服裝生產
  • 精益管理
POSITION TITLE: Manager, Product Costing and Engineering LOCATION OF POSITION: Shunde, China REPORTING TO: Technical and Garment Engineering Director ABOUT YOUR ROLE: The main purpose of this position is to improve the profitability of our brands through product costing and engineering initiatives by using proven technical skills, collaboration, and analytics. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES WILL INCLUDE: You will be critical in delivering these activities but not limited to: ? Develop and own the Product Costing Model from concept through development to achieve “design/develop to cost”. ? Works closely with Sourcing and the Shunde and Bangladesh Development Centers to get the most accurate costing on time per the GTM calendar milestones. ? Support Sourcing with direct vendor development costing process to get the most accurate costing on time per the GTM calendar milestones. ? Identify opportunities for process and product improvement with focus on cost, quality, and sustainability and lead and actively participate in cost mitigation projects. ? Close partnership and collaboration with Regional Engineering, Sourcing, Development, Technical Services, Quality, and Sustainability teams to deliver better product, faster and at a lower cost. WHAT WE WILL BE LOOKING FOR IN YOU: Include but not limited to The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and /or abilities required for the individual to be successful in this position. ? Experience o +7 years experience in product/production engineering role. o +5 years experience in a managerial role ? Skills o Fluency in oral and written English. o Learning Agility o Drive o Propensity to Lead o Creative thinking o Critical thinking o Analytical skills. o Problem-solving skills. o Ability to influence and persuade. o Financial analysis skills ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS Minimum Degree Held: BSc Engineering (Industrial. Mechanical, Textile, etc.) Subject Expert In: SPECIFIC WORKING CONDITIONS ( if any) Include but not limited to ? Frequency of Travel: 20% Other Specific Working Conditions: *If the job requires a person to work in special working conditions this should be stated in the job description. Special working conditions cover a range of circumstances from regular evening and weekend work, shift work, working outdoors, working with challenging clients, and so forth


Kontoor Brands, Inc. (KTB) is a global lifestyle apparel company with a portfolio of some of the world’s iconic denim brands: Wrangler?, Lee? and Rock & Republic?. We design, manufacture and distribute superior high-quality products that look good, fit right, and are crafted with sensitivity to our planet to give people around the world the freedom and confidence to express themselves. Our global community of more than 17,000 employees fosters a culture of integrity, collaboration, performance and entrepreneurial spirit. We are looking for inclusive, humble, creative and forward-looking employees with a passion for creating innovative apparel products, accessories, and solutions that are both meaningful and purposeful for consumers and employees.


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1. 如您發現平臺內招聘方存在以下違規行為的,請立即舉報
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  • b. 要求您提供擔保人、擔保金或者以其他名義向您收取財物( 如培訓費、體檢費、資料費、置裝費、押金等);
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